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A plug-in for guitar that emits the famous delay from the musician Robert Fripp.

The guitarist Robert Fripp, founder of the band King Crimson, surprised the music community with a little-known effect, a strange delay, produced by mixing two Revox tapes, side by side, and joining them into one tape loop. The result is a long delay with an original sound for guitarists. The plug-in ELOTTRONIX XL copies this effect and offers it to the user.

Thanks to ELOTTRONIX XL you can record guitar rhythms and re-record other rhythms over it as many times as you like. You can also monitor it before recording, change the instrument without stopping the loop, make the first recording gradually disappear, etc. Many musicians use this plug-in to make ambient music. ELOTTRONIX XL has a retard of up to 80 seconds in the loop. For friends of the least explored sounds.


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